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$10 per mask

These masks are made with microfiber thread with fine cross-sections which closely adheres to the fine curves of skin, evenly supplying the drenched ampoule, and provides an ampoule-locking effect for deeper absorption into the skin.

The mask comes with 2 solutions to address different skin concerns on the upper and lower areas of the face while the micro-fiber sheet closely adheres to the fine curves of the skin.
 The ampoule-locking effect helps skin to absorb an appropriate amount of essence evenly and densely.


We have 2 types of the new Laneige Two Tone Sheet Mask:


Moisturizing and Lifting (Blue and White Sheet)

Moisturizing and Lifting is a two-part microfibre sheet mask that addresses two different skin issues all at once!  The top blue portion focuses on moisturizing by instantly moisturizing dry, flaky skin with Hydro Ion Mineral Water and Quinoa Seed Extract. The lower white portion focuses on lifting the skin around the cheeks and chin to help this area look firm with anti-aging properties, and the use of Carob Bean Fruit Extract.


Brightening and Hydrating (Pink and Blue Sheet)

Berry pink color sheet provides brighter clearer skin. Laneige Clear-C Line's Super Berry Extract purifies the T-zone and skin around the eyes and cheeks for a clearer and brighter skin. The sky blue color sheet provides refreshing moisture with Laneige's Water Bank Line's Hyrdo Ion mineral water,  moisturizing dry skin around the mouth.




Laneige Two Tone Sheet Mask

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